What is Propulsor-Testbench?

Propulsor-TestBench (abbreviated: PT) is an Object-Oriented Thermodynamic cycle design tool. PT is primarily aimed at the Undergraduate engineering student. PT allows you to quickly prototype thermodynamic cycles which can have a myriad of component configurations and arrangements for steady state design point analysis. PT utilizes an easy-to-use visual user interface which lets you quickly test the performance metrics of your configuration (Example:  thermal efficiency, SFC .. etc.) PT was developed using Java owing to its strong support for Object-Oriented programming.

Key Features

Easily Customizable Components


PT provides a handy library of Rankine and Brayton cycle components. Assemble the components to build a configuration and edit its parameters. Moreover, component behavior is easily customizable. Sneak a peek under the hood and edit the underlying equations in an easy-to-read format. Validate the equations in textbooks or build  components from scratch, the choice is yours.



Quickly set up independent variables and monitors

Whether you want to study the impact of Turbine Inlet Temperature on Specific Fuel consumption or pump adiabatic efficiency on net work output. PT uses a simple “Iterator” and “Monitor” interface to swap the independent variables in your analysis or set up output parameters. A “Monitor” can be just a single parameter or an expression combining values at multiple stations/components. An easy to use and remember variable coding format makes for quick set up of cycle performance metrics.

Multi Fluid EnvironmentFluids

Propulsor-Testbench runs in a multi-fluid environment. You can design a coal fired steam  power plant or an aircraft turbofan engine; The flexibility offered by PT is almost limitless. You can even involve multiple fluids within the same workspace, allowing you to develop and test combined power cycles. Various Ideal gases models are available and even water (in accordance with IAPWS-95). On-going work also aims to add refrigerant fluid models to the fluid library.
Easy to use plotting functionalityPlot

Unless you’ve been using a commercial design tool, plotting data for your projects usually involves writing long lines of hard to debug code or using office software that came bundled with your OS. Plotting charts with multiple series (which is often the case during powerplant performance analysis) of data is even more difficult with existing non-commercial options. With Propulsor-Testbench making visually appealing and easy to decipher line charts is just a matter of few clicks. Export your charts to commonly used image formats like .PNG to add them to your presentations and reports.

PT uses the XML file format for everything, be it fluid specification, or custom components. The symbols used for various components are editable too (Make your own if you feel like). This enables you to easily share your data with peers running the same version of the software.


PT is free for now! However, the Propulsor-Testbench logo and associated media are subject to Copyright.  Kindly read the Terms and Conditions before you start using PT.

Hardware Requirements

OS : Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) or higher.

CPU: 2 GHz or Higher

RAM: 2 GB or higher

HDD: 50 MB