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    So you have been using PT for a while. At this point I assume you’d have found a few bugs or have suggestions on what can be done to improve the experience. Feel free to post, but keep the following in mind

    1. Ensure the bug hasn’t been reported before or suggestion not already provided.
    A simple search should help you out with this.

    2. Prefix the topic with with either “Bug:” or “Feedback:” tags
    Makes searching easier.

    3. Mention your version
    Id recommend always using the latest version of PT. But mention your version number in order to trace when the bug first appeared.

    4. Keep the post brief.

    Track your feedback and bug reports on the “Propulsor-Revision” sticky in this forum. This is where I will be posting the fixes and upgrades in the current version as well as the fixes and upgrades in the pipeline for the next version.

    Vashishtha Bhatt

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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